Ecstatic dance

This is about coming from the head into the body.

We all long to be authentic and at the same time feel as part of a community.

"When we step on the dance floor, we include our whole selves, even the frightened parts. We dance through pain and sorrow. We dance with joy until our hard edges soften and our masks fall away. We meet other courageous dancers, weaving unbreakable threads of connection. It all melts together- beat, movement, breathe- into a swirling vortex we call community. As the throbbing pulse of the dance floor matches our own heartbeat, we know, without doubt, we are not alone. "

Dance like nobody is watching!

Dance to connect and be yourself at the same time. Be on the dancing journey together: with fresh music from different genres and dance without shoes, alcohol, drugs or talking.

I invite you on a journey through different music genres, emotions, continents and flavors - full of surprises and always in tune with each other.