Just for you!

Time to heal, to enjoy, to dive deeply into whoever you are in this very moment.

Finding and allowing a deep permission to be exactly as your are, relaxing with it and feeling the inner peace that comes with it.

Chakra balancing  / Subtle body healing

It is a gentle, yet very powerful treatment. It supports you, when you feel stressed, are under pressure or generally in a kind of challenging, difficult situation or if you just want to know yourself better.
It is based on the ancient Indian system of the Chakras (=energy centers), which shows how our essential life energy expresses in its different ways. It includes modern healing approaches, like how to deal with emotions, stress, worry, burnout etc.
You can come with any particular or general issue of your life; whatever makes you think, wonder, suffer or doubt. This issue will become much clearer for you, you will understand it better and find new possibilities to deal with it and to be more relaxed with it. 
The treatment starts with an energy reading in which you can see, feel and experience yourself exactly as you are and it gives you the opportunity to deeply relax with yourself. Many people say that they have never been so relaxed before, as after this treatment.

You will be able to really experience the essential qualities of your chakras, for example: vitality, emotional balance, self-esteem, love and trust. These qualities are already inside you and they will become more obvious and usable in your life. 

Aquatic Body Wave

The aquatic bodywork is a treatment in warm water (34 celsius) that combines gentle graceful movements, stretching, acupressure, mobilization of the joints in connection with breathing.
A session starts with a relaxation phase on the water surface, where your body is just floated, allowing you to relax and your breathing to deepen and flow naturally.

When you are deeply relaxed and if you are open to it, the underwater phase begins. You'll receive a  noseclip that keeps water from entering your nose while you are gently submerged. You enter the underwater 3-dimensional world while gravity disappears. The heart rate and the metabolism decreases, so that you can totally relax.

A gentle underwater dance starts. It is offering some moments of complete stillness to integrate the healing energy of water. Waves, rolls, and twists, vary with inversions and moments of resting. 

The receiver often experience bliss, some intense sense of freedom or even go on a spiritual journey. It  leads to a very deep relaxation and sometimes emotional release can happen. 

Couple session

In many way it is similar to a Chakra Balancing / Subtle Body Healing Session for two people at the same time.

It creates a space in which both can relax deeply in their essence, so that irritant issues, which usually arise in couples, lose their strength and meaning in the session.
It can create a new beginning, from the actual energy, the deep down feelings that the two loving people have for each other.

Tantric session for couples or individuals

are in many ways a continuation of the chakra balancing / subtle body healing.
From a safe space of awareness and trust into oneself,  the body and the practitioner a journey into the mystery of sexual energy can start. It is an absolutely individual and unique process of pleasure, healing and empowerment.