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Heart Encounters -

 with yourself and others

Near Berlin/ Potsdam at a lake 

20.-22. August 2021

Special theme:

 Seeing and allowing light and shadow in me

The workshop is for people who want more connection and closeness in their lives and want to use somatic mindfulness to support it.
We work practically and experience-oriented. We use methods from different meditations (with breath, voice and movement) and come back again and again to mindful self-perception.
It is about becoming aware in the practical sense of the word: about your own perception in the here and now! Again and again, in a variety of situations, alone and with partners.

The workshop thus offers the opportunity to consciously experience closeness in a secure environment, to reflect upon the experiences that have taken place and improve your capability for selfregulation  and co-regulation.
The whole thing is playful and easy at the same time and leads into intense movement as well as into deep silence.

It is happening in a beautiful place in a natural reserve, in a forest, at a lake. 
The place has a privat lake access for swimming, a sauna, a place for making fire.

From Friday 12:00 until Sunday 17:00

 270 € in your own tent or van, 300 € shared room in the house or a trailer 

early bird up to 21.7. 250€ tent / 270€ house
including food  ( vegan and / or vegetarian) and accommodation 
sometimes helping in the kitchen is needed 

further info and registration: 

[email protected]

Individual Sessions

Skala Eressos
Lesbos, Greece

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