Heart Encounters 

With yourself and others

The workshop is for people who want connection and closeness in their lives, but do not know exactly what they can contribute to it.
We work practically and experience-oriented. We use methods from different meditations (with breath, voice and movement) and come back again and again to mindful self-perception.
An important basis for this is the Indian system of chakras, which we get to know and use in order to classify and understand the experiences better.
It is about becoming aware in the practical sense of the word: about your own perception in the here and now! Again and again, in a variety of situations, alone and with partners.

The workshop thus offers the opportunity to consciously experience closeness in a secure environment, to reflect upon the experiences that have taken place and thus to be more attentive to oneself and others.
The whole thing is playful and easy at the same time and leads into intense movement as well as into deep silence.

Tantra Consciousness

This workshop for singles and couples, beginners and advanced, is an unique opportunity to step deeply into yourself in an absolutely practical, experiential way.


We will use meditation, rituals, breath work, movement and touch to meet ourselves first and out of being present with ourselves, we then meet the ‘others’. The ‘others’ are an extension and a mirror of ourselves and help us to know ourselves more clearly.



Topics / Benefits of the workshop:

-      Introduction and exploration of the seven chakras

-      Deep connection to your own body and energy  

-      Breath work to expand your energy field 

-      Healing childhood wounds

-     Increase your capacity for giving and receiving love

-     Tools to meet ‘others’ in a loving, exchanging way

-     opening blockages that limit your potential for love


Nothing to judge, just seeing everything at it is – including the aspects that we have difficulties with – being free with ourselves in our lives, exactly as we are.

The workshop is open to people of all sexual orientation.

Contact improvisation in water

is a pleasant and playful way to meet yourself and others, in the supportive element of warm water.
As in contact improvisation on land, it's about coming out of one's own heightened body awareness into a gentle and respectful meeting with other bodies in a point of contact that can change anytime. It is a meeting without any concrete intention: a journey into the unknown of the emerging movement.

When we do this in warm water, we can enjoy much more freedom, because we are not exposed to gravity and the water carries our body. We can do somersaults, whirl around, calm down for ourselves or float together with others.
Being in warm water can create the feeling of being in the womb, or even reconnecting to earlier stages of our evolution when we were still living in the water.
It often leads to a very deep experience of inner and outer connection and peace.

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As explained here by Continuum founder Emily Conrad in this video, it is a gentle reorganization of the body-mind system back to its natural state.
We give the body impulses with sounds and gentle movements and then allow it to realign itself.

Since I am not a fully licensed Continuum teacher, I currently offer Continuum only in smaller sequences of 2-3 hours, sometimes also as part of my other workshops or as a warm up for dance.